How to Prepare for a Lifestyle Newborn Session

Wondering what to expect and how to prepare for your in-home lifestyle newborn session? Here are some tips and tricks to help get photoshoot ready!

Lifestyle sessions are fast becoming the preferred style for capturing precious newborn moments

I love the relaxed storytelling style which focuses on emotion, connection, and documenting this time with your newborn.  These sessions are held in the comfort of your own home and are perfect for slightly older newborns or sessions with energetic young siblings.

Natural Light

The key to a successful in-home lifestyle session is having the right kind of natural light in the space we use.  These sessions are usually held in the morning and I will be looking to use a room on the shaded side of the home so we can avoid having bright sunlight streaming into the area.  A master bedroom, nursery or lounge with large windows to give generous soft natural light will work well.  I can have a look around when I arrive and will guide you on the best space to use.  If you have a space in mind that you would like to prepare in advance, feel free to touch base with me prior and we can go over if it is suitable.


During the session be prepared to pause for frequent feeding breaks.  We capture some lovely feeding moments whether baby feeds by bottle, tube or breast.  Expect your session to go for 1-2 hours but allow for up to 4 hours if young siblings are involved or baby is unsettled.  We can include some activities like reading stories or bath time in the session if you wish to.

Keep your afternoon free and don’t schedule any visitors or appointments for the day of your session.  Having people other than immediate family members present can be distracting and add time constraints which can impact on achieving a full gallery for you.  After the session baby and mum will also need a rest.

Calming baby

A settling tool I will bring with me is white noise but do let me know if you have one that you already use with baby.  My preference is to have the white noise fairly loud (about the volume of a vacuum) to imitate the noise baby experienced during gestation, this also helps calm babies startle reflex when being moved around for the session and helps mask the click of the camera shutter.

The whole family

I always include parent (yes, including Dad too) and sibling photos so don’t forget to prepare yourselves as well!  Pets are also included in the session.  Dress everyone including baby, in neutral colours with muted tones.  Natural fibre clothing such as cotton, linen and wool photograph beautifully and textures with knits, lace or ribbed fabric can add extra interest. 

Avoid bright colours, heavy stripes, patterns, logos, pictures or words on clothing.  Clean, neutral coloured nails avoiding any bright or neon coloured nail polish is best.  Hair is best pinned or tucked back to prevent it covering the face for side profile images and makeup (if usually worn) can be slightly heavier than normal.


Most importantly, on the morning of your session – relax!  These preparation recommendations are just guidelines, having had newborns myself I understand how being prepared can sometimes be impossible and we just have to go with the flow!

If you would like to book a lifestyle newborn photography session with me please get in touch!