How to Prepare for a Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are an exciting milestone to celebrate your new arrival and to have beautiful photos of this stage that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for this session.

Studio details

The Little Lovely studio has been designed with newborn photography in mind, an impressive range of earthy-toned and rustic inspired props, including wraps and accessories, are all available for you to choose your colour schemes and sets from.  We are fortunate to have lovely natural light available for lifestyle sessions, however, for the polished look of traditional posed newborn sessions, I use studio lighting for the control and consistency in the look and feel of your session.  

Studio address: 80 Hobsonville Point Road, Hobsonville Point.  Parking is available on the surrounding side streets and main road, just up from the studio.  Available immediate parking may be limited on weekends but there is plenty in the surrounding streets.


Newborn babies have this wonderful habit of being up all night then having a restful period of sleep between 8am-midday.  It is for this reason that we always schedule newborn sessions in the early morning when babies are most likely to be sleepy.  I do ask if possible that baby has some awake time in the hour before the session begins, but I understand this is not always possible when travelling to the studio.  If baby is likely to fall asleep on the way then having them in clothing with zips or domes for easy removal can be helpful for getting straight into the session, without needing to wake baby again.  

Full posed sessions can take up to 3-4 hours depending on baby and how they settle and transition into poses, please allow at least four hours for a full session.  If siblings are part of the session, we do the family/sibling/parent photos first, then we ask that one parent or caregiver take the siblings home, or out for the remainder of the session.

Session Details

The beginning of my newborn sessions usually start with baby being wrapped so a room between 20-23 degrees is ideal, after parent/sibling portraits and wrapped newborn portraits we go into traditional poses with baby nude so a warmer room around 25-27 degrees is essential.  Newborn babies are used to a 36 degree internal temperature during gestation, so in order for them to be cosy and calm while nude a very warm room is required.  I will have the studio heated as needed during the session.

Calming Baby

A settling tool I use often is white noise.  My preference is to have the white noise fairly loud (about the volume of a vacuum) to imitate the noise baby experienced during gestation, this also helps calm babies startle reflex with a studio light flashing and the click of the camera shutter.

Another helpful settling tool during a session can be a pacifier, if you use one do let me know and have it on hand, alternatively if you do not use one but are open to using one during the session I do provide brand new pacifiers and have them available to try.  Being a newborn model is hard work and babies will get hungry and fussy, during the session be prepared to pause for frequent feeding breaks.

The whole family

I always include parent and sibling photos as part of my workflow so don’t forget to prepare yourselves as well!  Dress in neutrals if possible, avoiding bright colours, heavy stripes, patterns, logos, pictures or words on clothing.  Clean, neutral coloured nails avoiding any bright or neon coloured nail polish is best.  Hair is best pinned or clipped back to prevent it covering the face in side profile images and make up (if worn) can be slightly heavier that normal as this photographs well.  Some clients choose to get this done professionally with a hair and make up artist or at a retail cosmetic counter.


Please do not schedule any visitors or appointments for the day of your session.  After the session baby and mum will need a rest, as a 2-3 hour session in a warm room is very tiring.  Having people other than immediate family members present at the studio during the session can be distracting and may add time constraints, which can impact on achieving a full gallery for you.


Most importantly, on the morning of your session – relax!  These preparation recommendations are just guidelines, having had newborns myself I understand how being prepared can sometimes be impossible and we just have to go with the flow! 

If you would like to book a posed newborn photography session with me please get in touch!