Baby Ethan’s Outdoor Newborn Photos

Lifestyle Outdoor Newborn Photos

With lockdown level restrictions still in place this laid-back family chose to have a sweet and simple family session outside their Auckland home, to celebrate the arrival of baby Ethan!

I actually delivered this gallery weeks ago and have been itching to share it, but had to wait until I had the time, and brain space, to write a little blog to share with them that it so deserves!!

These outdoor newborn photos were everything I think a ‘lifestyle newborn session’ should be!  Relaxed moments held in your own home, documenting your family exactly as it is.  With no awkward posing and captured while having tonnes of fun, these memories will be cherished by this beautiful family forever!

When I say ‘tonnes of fun’, I meant it for this session!  From digging for worms, flips on the trampoline and feeding the ducklings, these energetic brothers, Camden and Elliot kept us all laughing the entire time.  They also loved a few of the quieter moments, cuddles with their new brother and even the family cat was roped in to some of the family photos for a hug!  I often get asked what family members should wear for a session, and tie-dyed tee’s would have never previously been featured in my suggested style-guide, but these boys handmade these tee’s themselves and not only are they the coolest shirts ever, I can imagine these photos being looked at in 20 years time and everyone will remember making them and wearing them all summer-long!

Can I just make a special mention of my all-time fav photo in this gallery, the one of Elliot eating the bread meant for the ducklings – like who hasn’t taken a cheeky bite of the bread when feeding ducks!!

Over lockdown I spent some time organising my own family photos and I realised that the messy, real-life, genuine and moment-capturing photos of my own girls are my stand out favourites by far.  I would love for everyone to let go of this ideal of perfection in family photos, forget the instagram-perfect styling and posing, and embrace capturing real moments, messy, chaotic and all!  You won’t regret it in the years to come, I promise!

Thank you to the Ross Family for allowing me to document these beautiful and genuine moments, I am already looking forward to the next family session with you guys!

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